High street insurance brokers have been along for a while and they have had a great time too. They have managed to earn billions of dollars over the years and that’s about to end with the surge of online insurance sites.

Does this mean they are going out of business and it’s time to pack things up?

No, they are still going to be out there but it’s also time to look at what online insurance sites do well.

Easy to Compare

They make things easier to compare whether this has to do with rates, features, or anything else involving the plan. Being able to compare on the spot is great and it’s a lot easier than having to go through with a broker. Most people are encouraged when they see this kind of option and that’s what makes it fun in the first place – people these days are even comparing Thatch insurance.


The simplicity that is on offer is what makes it useful over the long-term.

A simpler option is something people fall in love with and that is what online insurance sites provide. They make life easier for anyone willing to use them as a comparison tool.

They can vet based on location, requirements, and any other relevant details, which adds to the simplicity of the process.


It’s all about efficiency at the end of the day, which a traditional high street insurance broker isn’t going to have. This is why more and more people are starting to do their research online and seeing whether or not there is a good fit for them. Most people will venture towards a solution that’s efficient and it doesn’t get better than online insurance sites in this regard. They are designed to make life easier and simpler when it comes to a process most people deem to be complex at the best of times. The simplicity of online insurance sites is what draws them in.

While high street insurance brokers are still an option for clients that want to only go down that path, it’s not the only route available now. This makes it doubly important for brokers to put forward good options so their clients are swayed in their direction. There are several options available and this includes online insurance sites. The options are out there and this is a major positive for clients. They can pick and choose what works best for them and their budget.

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